How to be a Creative Learner – Session 1

25th March 2021

This session brought up some good ideas about personal practice. The ideas included basic ones that I actually do not do such as before going out on a shoot have a kit list and make sure everything is packed and present so that when you arrive at your destination your equipment is ready to be used. Don’t forget to charge batteries either.

Another good suggestion that came out of today’s session is having a back up plan just in case the shoot gets stopped or cannot go on as planned. Rather than waste the time allocated for the shoot, work at home or if weather permits shoot something else even if it is unrelated to college work. A side project could be started for such occasions.

One of the other students discussed how at the end of each week she writes a review blog post. I really like this idea, although I review within each of my posts, having a dedicated weekly blog post can consolidate everything reviewed and reflected on in the week and addition reflection can then be added. I will be starting this weekly post this Friday and it will be titled simply ‘Weekly Review’ with the date.

Something else that I am also going to put into action is the idea of a daily photo or photos. I already do this with some projects I have been collecting images of for years but this time I can give the practice some structure. I plan to use an A5 sketchbook and each day read a chapter of a book, which doesn’t have to be photography related, or read poems etc… then write a response down. I will then use my response to take a photograph to illustrate it, for example a colour for an emotion or feeling, a still life which could be dirty laundry or the kitchen table in a mess, a plant in the garden or a portrait of my cat etc… the only rule I will give myself is the photograph has to be taken in my house and garden.

I have found tonight’s session very informative and inspiring and cannot wait to attend the next one.

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