Expressing Your Vision: Meeting Notes

9th March 2021

YET STILL, IT MOVES… HOW CAN PHOTOGRAPHY SUGGEST MOVEMENT AND THE PASSAGE OF TIME, DESPITE BEING A STATIC MEDIUM? Although directly related to all of section 3 of EYV – and assignment 3 in particular – this session will be relevant to anyone who uses the medium of photography, as we will explore ‘time’ as an important aspect of all photography. With ideas developed from his own research Derek will illustrate various ways that artists have persuaded viewers that what they see is moving, that time has passed during an image’s making, or that a photograph can ‘fix’ time. The ‘moving image’ will be shown to have been developed from early, experimental photographs, designed by scientists to illustrate movement. This led to the invention of cinema: still images that appear to move.

Notes from the online meeting

This ‘lecture’ was very interesting because some of the information related to art movements and specific artists and photographers that I am familiar with due to my interest in art and art history.

I gained quite an insight into movement and the passage of time within photography and the different ways that it can be shown. The categories that we covered were,

  • Traces
  • Fractions of time
  • Multiple occurrences
  • Accumulations

I am really looking forwards to taking part in exercises and research in these areas, very stimulating!

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