Exercise 2.4: Woodpecker

04th March 2021

Find a subject in front of a background with depth. Take a very close viewpoint and zoom in; you’ll need to be aware of the minimum focusing distance of your lens. Focus on the subject and take a single shot. Then, without changing the focal length or framing, set your focus to infinity and take a second shot. 

OCA EYV (2014)


  • Camera: Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5
  • Lens: Panasonic 45mm-200mm (90mm-400mm 35mm equivalent) f/18, 200mm, 200mm infinity
  • Settings: Aperture Priority, ISO 1600, W.B. Incandescent, Spot metering
  • File type: RAW
  • Tripod
  • Wireless shutter release

Reflection: Out of disaster comes learning!

This exercise has really got me running around in circles. I knew the exercises concerned with technical lens work would have me sweating, due to it being the one that I most have been worried to learn. It is one of those subjects that just will not click with me and this can be seen in my attempts to complete this exercise.

My first attempt was outside by Lake Lothing where the sea salt water meets the fresh water of the Broads, something that fascinates me. I took a few shots but quickly realised that I had not understood the exercise brief. I also realised that setting the infinity on a Panasonic lens is not the same as the lenses I have been used to. In fact, I couldn’t even find a way to do it and had to come back home to research this technique.

The post for the infinity research can be found on this link here.

All is not lost though because I have achieved some shots that have helped me to understand a little more about focal length.

Set up for shoot number two

Due to the fact that the weather has been wet, I decided to set up a simple still life in my kitchen. My dining room and kitchen are joined so the two rooms gave me plenty of depth to shoot within and I piled up as much as the children’s junk left around the kitchen and used it as a background focus.

I mounted the camera on a tripod for this shoot due to the fact that it was late at night and I was shooting under orange domestic lighting

However, I did not read all of the exercise’s brief so I will have to re-shoot this exercise again so that it is completed in it’s entirety. I missed out shot three because the first part of the exercise brief was immediately followed by some information which led into the second part of the exercise. I really must make a conscious effort to re-read things and write notes because to be honest, I do zone out quite a lot when I have taken in too much information.

The results

The contact sheet below shoes the images from the outside shoot and the inside shoot.

Exercise 2.4 Woodpecker

I am actually very pleased with the outcome of the second shoot, just disappointed that I did not take the third image to complete the set. However due to the fact the combined kitchen and dining room area length is not that long, I am hoping to reshoot this exercise outside and hopefully gain much more of a blurred background as well as having the full three images required to analyse the exercise.

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