The Art of Photography, Artist Series 1

03rd January 2021

Bored from binge watching episodes of one or another cop or horror series on Prime, I decided to search for ‘Photography’. The search brought up a few films but to my surprise it also brought up documentaries, at first I watched ten minutes of a couple of technical documentaries that looked amateur in production but both had some information worth watching the whole series for, but the third discovery was that which stimulated me the most.

Amazon Prime have a couple of series called ‘The Art of Photography, Artist Series’ and each episode presents an interview with practicing photographers. The first series has interviews from, William Wegman, Alexey Titarenko and Laura Wilson. The notes taken from the interview can be seen below.

I am particularly enthusiastic about Titarenko’s history and context of his life and photography practice, his concepts and his photographic series. I particularly find his ‘City of Shadows’ and ‘Nomenklatura of Signs’ both stimulating and inspirational and will be researching Titarenko and these works further. Once the research has been completed I will come back to this post and add a link.

I have contacted Alexey Titarenko by email asking permission, which he agreed to, to add the following three images to my blog. Three images from his website and the website page for the three images below is, ‘The City of Shadows’ The images will be discussed further on the blog post, ‘Alexey Titarenko’.

Alexey Titaranko, City of Shadows (1991-94)
© A Titaranko uploaded with kind permission from A Titaranko (permission 12.01.21)
images source: (accessed 06.01.21)

Notes from Series 1


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