Mona Kuhn: Image Presentation

07th March 2021

My initial visual response to images found on Kahn’s webpage was that of confusion. I tried to see pass my initial reaction to find the deeper meaning and aesthetic relations between each image placed within the grid. I questioned my response as I knew it was biased due to having a problem with accessing too much information at once as well as a tendency to zone out during visual overload. I am also visually stimulated easily and information can physically trigger a surge of energy that rushes through my brain.

From my prejudice point of view having so many images accessed together on one page, overwhelmed me. Was the chosen presentation of images like this because of web page space or intentional? Looking at how her work is viewed together it looks as if both of these reasons are valid but on closer study the images have been placed with thought to composition values within the images and leading lines that take the viewer around the series of work. This can be seen in the diagram below. As I accessed the images in their grid, free from text and not having to scroll down to view the remaining ones which were unable to fit on the webpage, my view towards the set of images drastically changed. The notes of my thoughts as I now saw the series of work isolated can be read in the annotations next to them.

Mona Kuhn, ‘She Disappeared into Complete Silence’ (2014)
image: (accessed 07.03.21)

All of Kuhn’s images are presented as a set in grid format on the website, and each grid, although containing so much information, is dynamic visually and full of information. Looking through her website in greater detail, including interviews and looking at her books, the images themselves are presented in many different ways which includes individually and in pairs.

I have learnt so much from looking at Kuhn’s website. The layout of her grids are very interesting as I see how series of images can come together, yet at the same time I have the pleasure of seeing how dynamic individual images are when they appear on their own or in pairs. It has reminded me how presentation is just as important as the images themselves. In fact I now know that I have to re-work my image presentation for Assignment 2: Collecting, and the information gained from this research has informed my own practice.


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