Notes: Still Life Lighting

22nd August 2021

I have started to look through my still life books for any help on lighting and good camera settings. Most of the books however are more concerned with composition and creative presentations of multi objects. The photographs are all ‘pretty’ ‘perfect’ types of still life. I have no interest in these still life images at all, preferring the conceptual theme and techniques which show honestly the object with all its faults, textures, lines and colours etc…

I decided to look at a video source on YouTube which proved to be informative as it showed still life images with different types of lighting and how the camera and accompanying equipment was set up. The notes from the video are also included below.


28th August 2021



Juan, L. (2019) The Beginner’s Still Life Guide. (1st Ed.) Artpower International Publishing: China


Format Team (2019) Still Life Photography: The Complete Guide At: (Accessed 26.08.2021)

Giannatti, D. (2018) Unique and Inexpensive Lighting for Still Life Photography At: (Accessed 28.08.2021)

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