Exercise 1.4: Frame

2nd February 2021

‘The final exercise of this project makes use of the viewfinder grid display of a digital camera… Take a good number of shots, composing each shot within a single section of the viewfinder grid… Select six or eight images that you feel work both individually and as a set and present them as a single composite image…’

OCA Expressing Your Vision course folder p.29-30

Contact sheets show how I work through the images and select and annotate them progressing from the first shoot to the chosen images. They can all be found within a different post which can be accessed here:

Journey: If You Go Down to the Woods Today

I decided to continue the theme of journeys for this exercise on framing. The concept is based on the song phrase, ‘If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise’ however, the surprise isn’t something astounding and pleasant but something awful. I have therefore titled this work: ‘Journey: If You Go Down to the Woods Today.’

Unfortunately the little wood patch behind my house is littered with people’s rubbish where, I am presuming teenagers or young adults, have used the woods for social meet ups but not taken their rubbish away with them.

The journey is a three minute walk and consists of a park, a Badger’s housing development which is under construction and the wood. Each section is linked with pathways. I decided due to the fact that the concept is the surprise in the woods, that the majority of images have to be from the wood and the remaining a glimpse of the other two places connected with the journey.

I have presented four completed grids, although I could have produced other variations, but I used these four to show how the grid layouts can differ in their composition.

Grid 1 shows the original photographic images where the objects have been left at their original size as caught in camera. Each object is placed within the grid with their corresponding section, for example object placed in top left corner of the picture plane and then placed in the top left section of the grid.

Grid 2 contains the same composition but a couple of the objects have been cropped into which expands them within their picture frame making them larger but reducing their surrounding details.

Grid 3 and Grid 4 show different compositions of the presentation of objects within the grid.

The four grids can be viewed below.

Grid 1
Grid 2
Grid 3
Grid 4

I would choose both Grid 1 and Grid 2 as preferred compositions. I prefer the objects small within their picture frames because more of their surrounding environments are shown, and this adds more interest to the visual content and adds to the concept of the ‘wood’ in the title.

15th February 2021

I have just come back to look through this exercise again and I am finding quite bemusing that now, after a break from this exercise, I now prefer Grid 3 and Grid 4. The reason for this is because they are objects are larger in the frame and my eyes are drawn around the grid in different orders because the objects are scattered rather that uniformed. I do not believe now that having extra leaves and grass, the natural environment, in the picture frame matters because if you look at the grid as a whole the concept of ‘in the woods’ is visually obvious.

Contact sheets can be found on blog post: Exercise 1.4: Frame Contact sheets

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