Adobe Premiere Rush

24th March 2021

For Assignment two, ‘Collecting’, I had decided to video myself turning the pages of the magazine that I had created. I had also created a combination of sounds that I wanted to add to the video, however I had never shot a video before let alone create and add sounds to one.

Due to this I had to make time for extra research on how to alter the settings on my camera to record video and how to process the video and add the created sounds to it.

Because I have Adobe Creative Cloud I was able to download Adobe’s Premier Rush to edit any videos that I create.

Premiere Rush is the all-in-one way to create videos across devices. Capture and edit in 4K from your phone or continue on your computer to complete your edits effortlessly.


To help me understand how to use Premiere Rush I watched the accompanying tutorials that Adobe produces which I have to say were very easy to understand and follow. I wrote down notes as I listened and watched the tutorials do that when I finally had to create my video I knew that I had written support if I became stuck. The notes can be seen below.

Once I had shot my video the greatest difficulty I had was actually getting it to upload into Premier Rush which was not a fault of the editing app but my iMac which was convinced their was not an app downloaded on it which could open MP4 file. I now know that I will have to read a little more about how to sync the app so that when I download a video into my iMac it will automatically sync with Premiere Rush.

Due to the fact this app is made for ease of editing on the go I was actually amazed how I completed creating the video in just under ten minutes. Although I was in the app longer experimenting with all the settings do a I could physically and visually see how they worked.

All I can say is, I have had a very positive experience in creating my first video, yes it may be just a simple one, but I can see many more videos being created in the future.


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